24 September 2016


fred1f-copy-300x300Reconnective Healing
Reconnective Healing is alternative way of healing for everyone. It is a universal energy and can be used for physical, emotional or spiritual complaints. In case of serious diseases Reconnective Healing can give considerable relieve, improvement or even complete cure.

What kind of relieve, improvement or cure happens can differ per client.

I can send this energy but have no control on what it will do. The energy will follow its own path.

Therefore I can not give any guaranties. What you experience during the treatment might be different for every person. Some people experience very little; that doesn’t mean that ‘it is not working’ the energy will do what is necessary even if you don’t feel it right away. Sometimes it is only after a while that you become aware of changes.

Others might have a whole range of sensations; from ting lings, warmth or feelings of peace or deep relaxation.

Every now and then complaints can increase in intensity; usually this will last for a day maximum where after they will disappear completely.


We are doing it together and we help each other.

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